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Meeting Owl Pro

There's a parliament of Owls on campus in the divisions, labs, and non-academic spaces!

Here are AMT's recommendations for setup and use of the Meeting Owl Pro for hybrid meetings.

"We use the Meeting Owl Pro in all 4 of our conference areas from very large to rather small, about 10'x15'. It has performed outstanding and everyone is very happy with it. Thank you for suggesting."

– Tim Ranalli, Caltech Facilities Operations

"The Meeting Owl Pro is an excellent tool to use for hybrid meetings. We used it for a meeting in Parsons-Gates 210. It was able to capture the conversations of the in-person attendees, the sound quality was very clear, and it connected to Zoom seamlessly. When two people were having a conversation in the meeting space, the Owl split the screen to show video of both speakers, which was very helpful for the attendees on Zoom. The set up was simple, thanks to the instructions provided by AMT!"

– Carol Shimazaki, Office of Research Compliance