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AMT is a campus resource supporting film production, virtual, hybrid, and in-person events and outreach, and remote and in-person instruction and training for faculty, instructors, and TAs. We implement creative, innovative, and tech-savvy solutions to support Caltech's research and education mission, development, and outreach.

  • For 4K and HD filming, animation, and production, we support on- and off-campus interviews, scripted content, b-roll, and in-person events. We have earned awards for research news, fundraising, event, and recruitment videos and animations. Check out our portfolio.
  • For virtual and hybrid events and outreach, we support Zoom Webinars (up to 1,000 participants), Zoom Meetings (up to 500 participants), YouTube Premiere live experiences, and more. Since April 2020, AMT has supported >300 virtual and hybrid events with >65,000 online viewers. For support, please contact AMT.

Educational support is provided by many groups across campus: AMT, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach (CTLO), Caltech Help Desk, Caltech Library, and the Registrar's Office. Please email support requests to the following campus groups:
  • – G Suite (now Google Workspace), Zoom, GoPro kits and other lecture recording tools
  • – Canvas-related including how to use third-party LTI tools; access to prior courses; FERPA-compliant ways to reuse course content
  • – course design and teaching methods; teaching policies (e.g., FERPA , honor code); TA training
  • – platform access to Google Workspace, Gradescope, Canvas, and Zoom, including Zoom Pro and Zoom Webinar licenses and system requirements
  • – course materials, iPad and Apple Pencil student loaner program
  • – add/drop classes, add users in Canvas including TAs, course changes, enrollment/registration

AMT operates the New Media Classroom/Caltech Studio and are proud to be part of Information Management Systems and Services.