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The Meeting Owl Pro is an all-in-one device that includes a 360-degree HD camera, microphone, and speaker. The camera tracks voices within 18 feet, creating dynamic video frames of in-room speakers while simultaneously showing a 360-degree panorama. It is designed to connect to computers using online conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Google Hangouts, and Skype. This How To shows how to connect and use within Zoom, and setting it up for the first time. Contact AMT for a demo.


Academic Media Technologies (AMT) specializes in crafting solutions to meet your event's needs and has extensive experience in supporting venues throughout campus. For recording or live streaming, speakers will need to sign Caltech's Recording Release.

Planning an event? Want marketing support? Fill out this form AFTER you have event details to request assistance from OSC.

Caltech Logos and Templates

Looking for the Caltech logo, font guidelines, event poster templates, etc.? Caltech's strategic identity system is a guide to help individuals across campus correctly use Caltech symbols, fonts, colors, and photos in correspondence, websites, publications, and projects. 

Campus Programs & Community Relations, x4696
Auditorium services can provide choral and platform risers, Beckman and Ramo Auditorium stage technicians, music stands, and ushers.

Campus Promotion
Advertise your event to the Caltech community on the campus Calendar.

Conference Websites & Online Registration, x8093
Contact the EAS Communications Office for assistance with conference and seminar websites including online credit card registration systems, databases of participants, and online abstract submission and review.

Caltech Facilities, x4717
A 24-hour service for various support activities including electrical assistance, air conditioning, and heating needs in all rooms. Custodial services can be reserved to set up chairs, tables, easels, and cleaning.

Security, x4701
Event notification, emergencies, access to buildings, escorts, parking information, and permits.


List of facilities, including seating capacity, location, and campus extension to make a reservation.

To reserve the following rooms, please contact the Registrar, 626-395-6354,
- Bridge 201, Downs B111, Downs 103, Downs 107, Keck 142, Kerckoff 119, Lauritsen 269, Steele 102, and Watson 104.

To reserve Beckman Auditorium, Beckman Mall, and Ramo Auditorium, email Nate Stuffel, .

The Caltech Hall Board Room has been renovated with new hybrid meeting capabilities. Read more, including how to reserve the space and self-service How To User Guides.

Online reservation calendars for campus auditoria, classrooms, conference rooms, dining halls, presentation practice rooms, and group study spaces:

Biology & Biological Engineering <room descriptions with photos and how to view availability with Outlook>

Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Geological & Planetary Sciences

Engineering & Applied Science

Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy
<Caltech credentials required for reservations, requests for PMA only>

Student Activities Center including the ASCIT Screening Room, Group Study Rooms, and Music Rooms
requires an ASCIT web services system account available to all undergraduate members of the Caltech community

Please note: While AMT helps coordinate events and provides audio-visual support in auditoriums and classrooms, we do not manage these spaces.