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Contact Information

phone 626.395.4657 | fax 626.395.5768 | email

AMT's main facility is located at 295 South Hill Avenue. Come here to visit AMT staff and rent equipment.

The New Media Classroom (NMC), our studio and videoconference space, is located in the backyard of the Einstein Papers Project House, 363 South Hill Avenue. Two-hour parking is available on Hill Avenue, and daily parking is available with a permit in the Holliston parking structure. Walking map to the NMC


Leslie Maxfield, Director | 626.395.8155

Becca Rose, Senior Technical Lead, Multimedia & Video Specialist
| 626.395.3840

Jodie Lee, Senior Instructional Technology, Multimedia, & Video Specialist
| 626.395.4658

Gina Chen, Associate, Multimedia & Video Specialist
| 626.395.4171

Gina Napolitan, Associate, Multimedia & Video Specialist
| 626.395.8789

Mailing Address:
California Institute of Technology
1200 E. California Blvd
Mail Code 1-9
Pasadena, CA 91125-9200
Attn: Academic Media Technologies

Shipping Address:
California Institute of Technology
391 S. Holliston Avenue
Mail Code 1-9
Pasadena, CA 91106
Attn: Academic Media Technologies