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What is NameCoach?

NameCoach, a tool to record and share the pronunciation of your name, is available to anyone with an access.caltech credential. Faculty, postdocs, students, and staff can create a recording in their own voice so others can learn how to say their name. Recordings are automatically added to a Caltech NameCoach directory.

Here are resources to get started and find help:

  • Record your own name with Caltech's NameCoach. <access.caltech credential required>

    ome languages may require unfamiliar phonetics. If there is more than one way to pronounce your name that is acceptable to you, we encourage pronouncing them all in one recording. A NameCoach recording is limited to 25 seconds.

NameCoach is also accessible on these Caltech platforms:
  • Canvas, Caltech's Learning Management System (LMS), for use in courses. More information is available in these Caltech-created, Using NameCoach in Canvas Guides for Instructors and Students.

  • access.caltech: Located in theĀ Self Service section of applications, as well as in Name and Personal Information section of My Personal Information.

For support and feedback, email