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Recording & Production

AMT provides professional audio and video recording and editing. The available video recording formats are digital HD ProRes 422 1080/24p and 720/60p, HDV 1080i and 720p, and SD DV-NTSC DV-CAM tape and hard drive. We archive HD footage to DVCPro HD and LTO-5 tapes.

AMT requires a signed Recording Release to record. <recording release>

Video Recording Packages:

  • HD Studio or DSLR Camera Recording Package: Studio camera, wireless microphone.
    Full day: $340.00
  • SD Studio Camera Recording Package: DSR-50 Studio camera, nNovia hard disk recorder, wireless microphone.
    Full day: $240.00
    Half day: $175.00
  • Canon Recording Package: Camera, nNovia hard disk recorder, wireless microphone.
  • Microphone considerations:
    The choice of microphones is essential to successfully recording the audio portion of your video. AMT can suggest accompanying audio equipment that will complement your recording.
Audio and Video Post-Production Editing:
  • $95.00 per hour (1/2 hour minimum)
    AMT's professional non-linear editing tools incorporates analog and digital audio and video formats, titles, graphics, animations, music, narration, and other visual materials into your recording. We have experience with Avid, Premiere, and Final Cut Studio.
  • Post-production considerations:
    Once edited, your footage can be delivered on DVCPro HD or DV-CAM digital tape, DVD-video, Blu-ray Disc (if shot in HD) and can be encoded for the web or your PowerPoint/Keynote presentation in various formats-  Flash, QuickTime, MP4, M4V, H.264, etc. AMT provides encodes in various formats to ensure successful playback.