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Media Mastering & Duplication

AMT uses professional equipment for transferring analog media- audio cassettes, VHS tapes, U-matic tapes, etc.- to digital formats- audio CDs, DVD-videos, Blu-ray Discs, etc. Once transferred to a digital master, AMT can duplicate the media and deliver it in basic and custom packaging. Audio and video can be encoded to various formats to deliver via web, mobile devices, etc.

Below is infomation regarding CD & DVD Mastering, CD & DVD Duplication, On-Demand CD/DVD Duplication, and Tape Duplication.

Copyright permission is required for all transfers and duplications.


Audio Cassette to Audio CD up to 60 minutes per Audio CD
  - Starts at $25.50 per CD. No editing during transfer. Note: Some tapes are 45-minutes per side and would result in two audio CDs at $25.50 each.
  - Includes color label in a standard package and plastic thinpak case.


- Presentation package upgrade: Printed label in an amaray case. $26.55.


VHS & Betacam tapes to DVD-video up to 120 minutes per DVD-video
   A $42.50 set up charge applies to all transfer projects. Multiple tapes will have one charge applied.
Standard Package (shown below)
- 1st source tape with no editing, includes color label in plastic thinpak case, $30.15.
- If a 2nd source tape is used on the same DVD, $40.15.
- If a 3rd source tape is used on the same DVD, $50.15.
Presentation Package (shown below)
- add $1.45 to the mastering cost above.
  Special Event Package (shown below)
- custom graphic design for cover and platter label and/or two- and four-panel insert added to mastering cost above. We can quote the mastering cost after assessing your packaging needs.
Turnaround time is approximately three days except for Special Event Packaging which may be longer due to custom artwork design. A rush charge of an additional 50% applies to requested turnaround times less than 48 hours.
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Costs are based on client providing a master CD/DVD or from an AMT-created master. If mastering to a Blu-ray Disc, add $10 to the DVD price.

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On-Demand-Duplication Service

Order this service when AMT masters your CD/DVD. AMT creates an in-house copy with its associated label and cover graphic files that are kept ready for quick turnaround duplication. The cost is $10/master created. Clients use this service when they know they will need copies in the future and want to avoid remastering their media for duplication.

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Tape Duplication Costs

AMT has equipment to duplicate many formats of tapes including: Betacam, DV-CAM, mini-DV, VHS, U-Matic, and audio cassettes. Contact AMT for prices.

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