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Education Technology Resources

Caltech AMT supports Education Technology needs for Caltech courses. This page lists resources available for campus and online course support, Caltech's CMS, and other hardware and software links to explore.

 Recording courses and teaching modules

Recording course content for a Caltech course or MOOC? AMT has a kit for instructors that includes:

  • HD webcam, lavalier microphone, three point lighting, backdrops (white and greenscreens), recording and editing software (Mac & PC), and a Wacom tablet + grip pen for digital whiteboarding

Recording an entire course or lecture series:

  • Hameetman Auditorium, Feynman Lecture Hall (201 E. Bridge), and Annenberg 105 have the Echo360 lecture capture system installed for automated lecture recordings.

Caltech's Online Courses

Caltech uses the Coursera and edX platforms to deliver Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Caltech on iTunes U and Caltech's YouTube channel also provide learn-at-your-own pace course materials. Caltech AMT provides technical support for creating content and platform support for Caltech MOOCs.

Learn more about Caltech's online course offerings, including what's being offered or has been offered. 

Online Course Recordings at Caltech

  • Student wiki of AMT- and student-recorded courses (available to on-campus viewers only)

Caltech's Center for Teaching, Learning, & Outreach

The Center for Teaching, Learning, & Outreach (CTLO) supports Caltech's multifaceted educational efforts, including undergraduate and graduate courses and curricula, formal and informal learning, and partnerships with K-12 teachers and students.

CTLO offers an array of services and programs for faculty, teaching assistants, and students. They have an experimental tablet-enhanced learning program in place for instructors to incorporate iPads in their classroom teaching.

Learn more about CTLO's campus support and upcoming events.

Caltech Course Management System

  • Moodle - available via access.caltech login

More Resources for EdTech tools:

Lecture Capture & Collaborative Learning Tools - hardware & software

Presentation Tools

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