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New Media Classroom

<Download a walking map to the NMC>

The New Media Classroom (NMC) is a multimedia facility integrated with the following presentation and collaboration tools:

  • Polycom 9000 series videoconference system with 2 high-definition (HD) cameras
  • 3-pod analog Teleforum teleconference system
  • Studio-quality video cameras can be brought in for special events
  • wide-shot, remote-controlled video camera
  • 42- and 50-inch plasma displays
  • 2 HD LCD projectors
  • 2 screens - 16:9 interactive SMART board, Da-Lite Cinema contour screen
  • 16-foot whiteboard
  • ceiling mounted and wireless microphones
  • Echo360 Lecture capture system for quick-turnaround recording and posting lectures online
  • live webcasting
  • and more!

The NMC hosts and records classes, full-day workshops, research collaboration sessions, PhD thesis exams, press briefings, videoconferencing, and live webcasts and can accommodate 25 visitors comfortably. If you are considering implementing new technology in your lecture hall, classroom, or conference space, contact AMT for a tour.

The NMC is also equipped as an audio and video production space. There is an acoustically-treated digital audio recording booth for audio podcast creation and overdub narration recording. A 15x20 foot greenscreen, studio lights, and microphones are available for video productions.

This is an IMSS recharge facility. Rates are $165 for the first hour and $35 for each additional hour. There is also a $65 labor fee to open and close the facility before and after each use. Please contact AMT for a quote for your specific use.